7 Best Fireplace Upgrades For a More Enjoyable Winter

In this article at SAVU LLC, we will discuss our 7 best fireplace upgrades that will potentially inspire your fireplace makeover.

Fireplaces, once practical, are now mostly aesthetic, serving to create a cozy atmosphere in colder months. With modern designs, they offer a wide range of styles beyond traditional brick and stone.

1. A desert quartz veneer for a warm rustic look

From a basic fireplace insert on plain drywall we built from scratch a fireplace that stole the show, being the main focus of the living room.



We used desert quartz veneer and simply installed it right on the drywall. This was a beautiful material, from a closer look you can see shades of green, pink and yellow.

This adds a warm colorful addition to this living room while maintaining a classic rustic look.

2. Marble tile for a sophisticated look

Starting with a fireplace of the past, clad with basic brick, we covered it with a beautiful marble mosaic tile.



The white and black honeycomb like mosaic accentuates the white mantle and contrasts nicely with the black slate hearth that we added.

3. German smear for a bright farmhouse look

Sometimes you don’t even need to do much to make a big difference for your fireplace upgrade.

We applied the German smear technique to the existing brick. It added a much brighter and rustic look to the brick, giving the fireplace a warm and friendly appearance.



While most fireplace upgrades are going in a newer, more modern direction, a German smear will “add years” to your fireplace by going in an older, more rustic direction.

4. Natural stone for entire wall segment

Most of the time the fireplace makeover involves just the frame section or part of the wall, but for our next renovation we opted out in favor of covering the entire wall segment.

We removed the drywall, reinforced the old fireplace frame and build a brand new hearth.



Of course a scaffold and a ladder are always handy when working “on heights”.

But you can see the beautiful end result when we complemented the new white granite hearth with a wooden hand made white mantle.

5. Using white subway tile for a fireplace backsplash

The next fireplace was part of big renovation in a high rise apartment. After the painting, new floors and moldings were installed, the old fireplace just looked out of place.



We chose white subway tile as a fireplace backsplash and you can see how nicely it fits with the new home design.

Beyond just kitchen backsplash , white subway tile can also be used for your fireplace makeover. It is budget friendly and provides a timeless look.

6. Changing an old brick chimney to an edgy black stone centerpiece

Next fireplace was part of a black and white interior design transformation.



The brick fireplace was transformed with black stone veneer, creating a sleek and modern look. Despite challenges with heavy tile installation, the end result, including a black and white soapstone countertop for the hearth, was stunning.

7. Cement tile and LED lights fireplace for a contemporary look

This is a full construction fireplace. The first picture is from the early stages of building a modern fireplace with lights and everything. We poured the cement into the wood frame in what will soon be the hearth.



We used an unconventional cement tile which is rarely used outside of commercial application, but hey some people are different.

If you were wondering where that light is coming from, we installed LED light strips behind select tiles.

As winter nears, ensure your fireplace is ready for cozy evenings. These upgrades enhance both enjoyment and home value, making your fireplace more efficient. Don’t hesitate—plan your upgrade now for warmth all winter.

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