SAVU LLC is a leading residential tile company specializing in backsplash installation. Based in Manchester, NH, we serve homeowners in the Greater Manchester Area of New Hampshire and the Greater Boston Area of Massachusetts with top-quality tile services. We offer backsplash, floor, bathroom, and fireplace tile installation services. 

From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom walls or floors, no job is too big or small for our team. 

Tile materials we install:

Ceramic tiles: Versatile and cost-effective, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for a wide range of projects.

Porcelain tiles: Known for their durability, porcelain tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas.

Glass tiles: Glass tiles add a touch of elegance and create beautiful, reflective surfaces.

Stone tiles: Stone tiles bring timeless elegance and unique textures to any space.

Marble tiles: Marble exudes luxury and sophistication.

Tile patterns to we can install:

Herringbone: A timeless and elegant pattern that creates a sense of movement and visual interest.

Subway tiles: Classic and versatile, subway tiles can be arranged in different layout.

Basketweave: This pattern adds a touch of sophistication with its interwoven arrangement.

Chevron: A dynamic and stylish pattern that forms a V-shape, perfect for adding a modern twist to your space.

Diagonal: Diagonal tile patterns bring a sense of openness and expand the visual perception of a room, making it appear larger.

Mosaic: Endlessly customizable, mosaic patterns allow for intricate designs, from subtle accents to stunning focal points.

If you are looking for professional tile installers we invite you to contact us for a free estimate.

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