16 Backsplash ideas perfect for white cabinets

If you’re looking for kitchen backsplash ideas that work perfectly with white cabinets, here are one of the best options from our work at SAVU LLC.

1. Blue Square Tile

Incorporate blue hues into your kitchen backsplash to create a charming ambiance that complements white cabinets. Square blue tile with uneven surface texture and captivating color variations, provide a great contrast to the pristine white cabinetry.

Blue shades square ceramic tile backsplash

2. Shades of Gray Ceramic Tile

Shades of gray ceramic tiles provide a modern contrast to enhance white cabinetry. The varying shades of gray add depth and sophistication, creating a stylish visual impact in the kitchen.

Shades of gray ceramic tile backsplash

3. White Subway Tile

White subway tiles remain a timeless choice for a reason. Concerned about too much white? Enhance the space by accentuating it with the natural greenery of a plant with lush leaves and highlighting the elegance with black cabinet handles and light fixtures.

White ceramic subway tile backsplash

4. Glass Arabesque Tile

The unique curves and patterns of these tiles add a graceful and artistic flair. When used as a backsplash, the glass arabesque tiles create a stunning focal point that enhances the overall charm of the space, complementing white cabinetry with a touch of sophistication.

Arabesque Glass Tile Backsplash in Manchester, NH

5. Shades of Gray Marble Tile

Using shades of gray in a herringbone pattern of marble tiles can accentuate white cabinetry beautifully. The elegance of gray marble, arranged in a herringbone design, adds depth and sophistication to the kitchen. These tiles create a captivating visual contrast against the white cabinets, offering a modern and stylish enhancement to the space.

White and gray marble herringbone tile backsplash

6. Blue Herringbone Ceramic Tile

The unique herringbone pattern in a blue hue adds a captivating visual element. When applied as a backsplash, these ceramic tiles introduce a distinctive touch that complements white cabinetry while bringing a pop of color and character to the space.

Blue ceramic tile herringbone pattern backsplash

7. White Handmade Tile

Handmade white tiles can complement white cabinetry exquisitely. The unique character of handmade tiles adds texture and individuality to the kitchen. These tiles, crafted with care, offer a charming and bespoke touch that elevates the aesthetic of the space in a subtle yet distinctive manner.

Fireclay White Tile Backsplash

8. Black Subway Tile

Imagine tiles in a deep black color, like the night sky. These tiles are rectangular and stacked neatly, like bricks. When used as a backsplash, they give your kitchen a modern and sleek look, creating a bold statement against the white cabinets.

Black subway tile backsplash

9. White Hexagonal Porcelain Tile

The geometric elegance of these tiles brings a modern and structured aesthetic to the kitchen. The hexagonal pattern adds visual interest, creating a sleek and contemporary backdrop that complements the white cabinets impeccably.

Honeycomb Tile Backsplash

10. Blue Vertical Ceramic Tile

The vertical orientation offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. These tiles, with their blue hue, create an eye-catching backdrop that enhances the kitchen’s style while providing a unique complement to white cabinetry, infusing the space with a refreshing and modern vibe.

Blue ceramic tile vertical pattern backsplash

11. Glass Herringbone Mosaic Tile

The intricate herringbone pattern crafted with glass tiles creates a visually captivating and stylish backdrop. This mosaic tile arrangement, when used as a backsplash, adds a touch of modern elegance to the kitchen, complementing white cabinetry with a contemporary yet timeless appeal.

Glass herringbone style tile backsplash

12. Stone Tile

The natural textures and earthy tones of stone add a touch of sophistication. When used as a backsplash, these tiles offer a classic and durable option that pairs effortlessly with white cabinetry, providing a rustic yet refined appeal to the kitchen.

Stone tile backsplash

13. Glass Vertical Tile

The sleek, elongated orientation of these tiles adds a sense of height and modernity to the space. When applied as a backsplash, glass vertical tiles offer a streamlined and chic aesthetic that complements white cabinetry, contributing to a visually striking and updated kitchen ambiance.

Glass vertical style tile backsplash

14. Large Blue Subway Tile

The prominent size and striking blue hue create a captivating visual impact. When used as a backsplash, these larger tiles offer a modern and vibrant touch that complements white cabinetry, infusing the space with a dramatic yet stylish element.

Large blue ceramic tile backsplash

15. White Picket Tile

Think of tiles shaped like little white pickets, similar to a cute fence. These tiles bring a playful touch to your kitchen. When you use them as a backsplash, they create a fun and charming look, adding a unique design element to your kitchen space.

White picket tile backsplash

16. Blue and White Encaustic Tile

These tiles aren’t your regular ones; they’re special, adding a unique charm to your kitchen. When you use these tiles as a backsplash against your white cabinets, they bring in a beautiful burst of color and style, making your kitchen look even more delightful.

Encaustic Tile Backsplash
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