Complete tile project shopping guide: Everything you'll ever need

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Arabesque Style

Tile pattern with intricate designs inspired by Islamic art. Adds elegance to any space with Middle Eastern flair.

Basketweave Pattern

Tiles are laid in pairs, with each pair perpendicular to the next, resembling the weave of a basket for a classic and timeless look.

Brick Layout

Also known as running bond, tiles are staggered like the pattern of bricks in a wall, providing a traditional and sturdy appearance.


The process of spreading adhesive directly onto the back of tiles before installation. It’s like spreading butter on toast, ensuring every inch is covered.


A flexible sealant fills gaps between tiles and surfaces, preventing water penetration and maintaining tile integrity.

Chevron Pattern

Tiles are laid in a V-shaped pattern, creating a zigzag effect that adds a modern twist to the space.

Tiles made from clay that are kiln-fired and often glazed. They come in various colors, sizes, and patterns, perfect for adding style to any space.

Encaustic Tiles

Decorative tiles made from colored clays or cement, often featuring intricate patterns. They’re like miniature works of art for your floors or walls, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

Glass Tile

Tiles made from glass, often used for decorative accents or to add a touch of sparkle to a space. They’re like jewels for your walls or floors, catching the light and creating a stunning visual effect.


A mixture of cement, sand, and water used to fill the gaps between tiles. It’s like the mortar that holds bricks together, but for tiles instead.

Heating Membrane

A thin, electrically heated mat installed beneath tiles to provide radiant floor heating. It’s like having a warm hug from the floor, keeping your toes cozy during chilly mornings.

Herringbone Pattern

Tiles are laid in a V-shaped pattern, creating a zigzag effect that adds texture and dimension to the space.

Laser Level

Tool used to ensure tiles are installed perfectly level by projecting a straight laser line onto the surface. It’s like having a high-tech guide to help you lay your tiles straight as an arrow.

Leveling System

Spacers and wedges system that adjust to the height of adjacent tiles, ensuring a consistent level surface. They’re like little helpers that make sure all your tiles are all on the same level.

Marble Tile

Tiles made from natural stone, prized for their beauty and elegance. They’re like bringing a piece of the majestic mountains into your home, adding a touch of sophistication.

Mosaic Tiles

Small tiles usually mounted on sheets to create intricate designs or patterns. They’re like the puzzle pieces of tiling, adding art on your walls or floors.

Notched Trowel

A tool with a serrated edge used to spread adhesive evenly on surfaces before laying down tiles. It’s like a comb for glue, ensuring it’s spread out just right.

Porcelain Tiles

Durable tiles made from refined clay fired at high temperatures. They’re like the superheroes of tiles, tough enough to withstand almost anything life throws at them.

Rubber Hammer

Tool used to gently tap tiles into place without damaging them. Think of it as a gentle persuader for tiles that need a little nudging.

A waterproofing and uncoupling membrane shields tiled surfaces from moisture and movement-induced cracks.

A waterproofing membrane system designed for tiled showers and wet areas, providing a reliable solution to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Scrubbing Sponge

Cleaning tool tailored for tiles, equipped with a rough side to tackle grout stains and a soft side for overall surface cleaning.


A protective coating applied specifically to stone or marble tile surfaces enhances durability and resistance to damage, prolonging tile lifespan and simplifying maintenance.

Subway Tiles

Rectangular tiles typically used in a brick-like pattern, popular for their timeless and versatile look.


Small, plastic tools placed between tiles to maintain consistent gaps. They’re like little helpers that ensure each tile gets its personal space.


Tile glue made from cement, sand, and bonding agent. It keeps tiles in place for years.

Tile Cutter

Tool used to cut tiles to fit into smaller spaces or around obstacles. It ensures accurate and clean cuts, facilitating seamless tile installations.

Vertical Pattern

Tiles are laid in a vertical orientation rather than the traditional horizontal layout, creating a sense of height and sophistication in the space.

Wet Saw

A specialized tool used to cut tiles, by spraying water onto the blade to keep it cool. It’s like a mini water park for tiles, making sure they stay cool and comfortable during the cutting process.

Zellige Tiles

Handcrafted Moroccan tiles known for vibrant colors and intricate patterns. They are known to be very expensive due to their artisanal nature.

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